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As a complement to their expertise in executive search, our consultants have extensive experience working directly in sales and management positions for technology companies.

That means that we understand what your demands are and what you want. Our Technology market coverage is the most comprehensive in the industry: we have access to the strongest industry talent in every U.S sales market that means every city and every state. We are ideally suited to handle your hiring solution needs whether you are an early stage start-up or a global leader. We cover all segments, including Managed Services, Data Storage, Data Security, and Networking Services.


Few areas are more competitive than the software industry. While budgets for technology have decreased; the demand for integrated solutions with more functionality has increased. The combination of these two factors has caused overall profit margins to decrease for companies that provide ERP, CRM, SFA, E-business suites, and applications. This is why companies strive to hire the best sales candidates who have CXO contacts, understand their industry, the ability to manage a process sale, and the unique ability to sell an ROI solution. Whether your company is a start-up or established public company, one of our industry consultants can help you identify and implement the proper solution, so that you can identify and hire the best possible talent.

Networking and Managed Service

The ability for consumers and companies to access information via the internet and the need to protect a company's vital data has created an entire industry for companies associated with Networking and Managed Services offerings. These companies with a primary focus in data storage, security, disaster recovery, network monitoring, and web-hosting, have provided hardware, software, and data center solutions to assure customers uninterrupted and secure access to their information. With a vast amount of offerings to prospective clients, hiring companies need a sales and marketing organization. Our industry specialists have the ability to quickly identify candidates where industry experience, innovation, and technological mastery are required to increase a company's revenue and outsell current and future competition.

Consulting Services

Demand has been strong for consulting and outsourced solutions. In many cases this is the best solution available in the market, but one of the hardest to sell in a down economy. Let our industry specialists identify candidates that have the ability to present ROI solutions to your clients and make a decision to purchase a new service offering justifiable.


Demand for leadership is strong and competitive within the communications industry. Our consultants provide unparalleled search expertise for providers of telecommunications, broadband, cellular and wireless services, cable services, Internet, and online services. Our nationwide clients represent a broad range in both size and business lifecycle. Our industry specialists have the ability to quickly identify candidates in which industry experience, innovation, CXO contacts, and technological mastery are in demand.

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