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At the highest level in an organization there is a defined mission statement and a growth strategy. We at Concord make it a point to know yours. We take the time to identify with your executive management team and to familiarize ourselves with the key objectives of your organization. By doing this we are able to incorporate your brand and culture into a powerful recruiting campaign.

Our experience has demonstrated that a proactive strategy, rather than a reactive plan to recruiting, will deliver the most successful results. Incorporating a proactive strategy will allow your corporation to identify and hire the best available talent, to deliver under budget, to meet all time constraints, and to get product to market faster.

Like anything, to be consistently successful, a process that is scaleable and repeatable must be developed. We have perfected such a model for recruiting, and call it the Concord Delivery Process. When your company needs to quickly build a national sales organization with the best industry talent, or hire a key executive, you need a process-oriented firm that can deliver. Concord is that firm.

Our Delivery Process is comprised of three major components:
Successful Client Interaction, Utilization of our Recruiting Management System, and Effective Recruiting Project Management.

01 : Client Interaction

  • Build a strategic partnership
  • Understand needs and objectives
  • Define Revenue objectives of the organization
  • Understand culture
  • Determine branding strategy
  • Determine Timeline for hiring initiatives
  • Determine Reporting Structure
  • Create Job Requisitions
  • Determine Geographic Alignments
  • Introduction to hiring parties and management teams

02 : Utilize Concord's Proprietary Recruiting Management System (RMS)

Concordís RMS is a user friendly, proprietary web-based software solution. It securely gives Concord and Authorized client personnel a transparent view of your recruiting process and seamless access to all of your recruiting data. The system also has an Executive-level portal that summarizes all activity for senior management decisions and reviews.
  • User Training
  • Determine user accessibility
  • Begin Utilizing
  • Job Requisition Management
  • Database Sourcing Tools
  • Contact Management
  • Candidate Profiling
  • Candidate Tracking
  • Recruiting Process Management
  • Scheduling and Calendaring Management
  • Resume Management
  • Custom and Standard Recruiting Reports
    • Job Activity Reports
    • Geographical Activity Reports
    • Company Activity Reports
    • Recruiter Activity Reports
    • Cost per Hire Reports
  • Organizational Structure Charting Tools
  • Website job postings

03 : Effective Recruiting Project Management

  • Assessments of Hiring Managers
  • Candidate Sourcing and Identification
    • Utilization of Concord's National Database
    • Direct Sourcing from Competitive Targets
    • Utilization of Affiliates in required markets
    • Candidate Profiling Process
    • Behavioral Based Interview
    • Documentation of results and awards
    • Documentation of compensation
    • Verification of Employment and Education
    • Personality profile
  • Presentation of Viable Candidates
  • Scheduling of interviews
  • Feedback (candidates and hiring manager)
  • Extension of Job Offers
  • Negotiation of Salaries
  • Acceptance of Offers
  • Placements recorded
  • Start dates determined

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